2015-02-01 03:16:43 by Gregzilla14

Hey all, long time no see!  It's been a looooong time since I've hung around Newgrounds.  Like, the last time I was here I uploaded that stupid Pokemon cartoon in 2013.  Time sure flies.

Since then I've done other Game Grumps-related stuff, made an Attack on Titan parody, contributed to some upcoming projects for Sonic Paradox, and even collaborated with comedy band Ninja Sex Party.  So yeah, a lot's happened.  And for a while I kinda disappeared without putting out many videos for folks to enjoy.

But recently I've gotten a lot of things figured out in my life, and I'm aiming to make 2015 a "comeback" year of sorts for my animation endeavors.  And I figured, why not re-integrate myself into the NG community as well?

So here I am!  And first up, I've made a new cartoon!  It's a quick short using audio from the original Resident Evil, and it was really fun to make:

So hopefully this will be a start of a very productive era for me.  I hope this turns out to be a great new beginning!  (And if you'd like to catch up on some stuff I did while I was away from NG, check out my YouTube channel:

So, new stuff.

2013-06-25 02:49:12 by Gregzilla14

So, I haven't been active here in quite a while. But now circumstances have changed, and I plan to make myself more known around here.

Basically, I used to just do some okay-ish song remixes here. But then a little show called Game Grumps happened, and I began to make animations of their audio much like many other members of that fanbase. I uploaded them to YouTube, and I actually started getting kinda popular for them.

This has made me much more motivated to make animations. So now I'll start submitting cartoons here. For now I mainly do Game Grumps stuff, but soon I want to put out some original content. I have a lot of stories and characters in mind that I'd like to share, so I'll do my best to get them out there.

I hope this is the beginning of awesome things for me and the Newgrounds community. Hope you enjoy my stuff!


2011-05-23 23:17:10 by Gregzilla14

Well, just put up some of my music. One original and two remixes so far. More to come, so check 'em out and don't forge to vote!


2011-05-21 23:49:54 by Gregzilla14

Submitted my first music to the Audio Portal about a week ago. Hope it gets approved soon! It's simple, but I think it's pretty cool, video game-y.
(Speaking of Portals and video games.....LA Noire looks pretty cool)